Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation (SIF)

Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation (SIF)

Jl. Terusan Hang Lekir II No.15
Kebayoran Lama - Jakarta 12220
Phone : +6221 7394041
Fax : +6221 7394039
Email : info @
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Innovating for Brighter Lives and Brighter Futures

The world of Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation is one where disadvantaged people get a chance to build their skills, live in a clean environment, and grow their self-esteem.

Swisscontact Indonesia Foundation (SIF) was established in 2008 by key local staff of Swisscontact, a not-for-profit organization founded in 1959 by personalities from the Swiss private business and university sectors with over 30 years of experience in Indonesia.

Our vision is to become the leading partner in improving people's lives in Indonesia through innovative solutions.

These locally-adapted solutions are designed to provide environmentally sustainable economic development that creates value to communities and partners. Drawing from Swiss expertise in the private sector development and an intimate understanding of local needs, our commitment is it ti create effective sustainability startegies that deliver measureable results and impacts for the people.

Find out more about our projects by downloading our case studies.


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“The key to changing people's lives is through compassion, and our ability to listen to their expectations and understand their actual needs. This is how we innovate for brighter futures”